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When Holograms Disappoint

It used to be that poor lighting was the major cause of disappointment when it came to viewing holograms. But as the definition of holography has been stretched to include heightened reality displays, so have the number of reasons to be disappointed.

Heightened Reality - August 11, 2023 midnight

Miirage on the Horizon

Miirage is a new holographic system that brings people, objects and scenes to ‘life’ without the need for external wearables.

Technical Features - August 11, 2023 midnight

Queen Misses Her Own Party – But Sends a Hologram

For royalists and fans of pageantry around the globe, the Golden Jubilee celebrations for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II promised the perfect occasion for pomp, circumstance and (surprisingly) – holography.

Heightened Reality - June 29, 2022 midnight

What’s in a Name?

The use of the term ‘holography’ to describe phenomena other than wavefront reconstruction is now well established in the media. Often, the purpose of using the term is to convey a sense of futuristic heightened reality, which can be frustrating to holography purists but could also be seen as praise if you believe the idiom ‘imitation is the sincerest form of flattery’.

Heightened Reality - April 25, 2022 midnight