De La Rue Expands Brand Protection Solutions

June 2020

De La Rue recently unveiled an expansion of its brand protection solutions with the launch of a new range of surface relief holographic labels branded as PURE, which complement IZON® – the company’s differentiated photopolymer holographic brand protection labels.

Since then the company has grown its brand protection business and built long-standing business partnerships with some of the world’s leading brands, such as Microsoft, FIFA, Brother and many others to ensure products and revenues are secured with the latest optical solutions to protect them from the threat of counterfeiting.

However, today’s brand protection market is rapidly changing with the requirement for very different business models than a few years ago. Brand protection solutions now need to be responsive and not only protect products, consumers and brand reputations but also create trusted engaging interactive consumer experiences that go beyond the point of sale and reach into, and monitor, supply chains.

Today’s solutions also need to be a combination of physical and digital to enable authentication, tracking and tracing by a variety of users and with the immediacy of results which we have all become accustomed too.

Embossed HolographyPhotopolymer Holography
Garnet Paper LabelIZON Strip in Label
Design Options:
1. Genuine lock & key
2. Marked as correct
Zircon PET LabelIZON Box Seal
Design Options:
1. Secure padlock
2. Entirely genuine
Onyx Patch LabelIZON 3D label
Design Options:
1. Genuine
2. Shield Secure
3. Shield Secure globe
Quartz Label with QR CodeIZON 3D Label with QR code
Design Options:
1. Genuine Shield
2. Secure Shield
3. Secure Globe

De La Rue’s approach

De La Rue offers a wide variety of security features and complementary effects to protect and enhance brands and products that can be off the shelf or made bespoke and integrated with existing brands and infrastructures.

Its brand protection authentication strategy is built on three key principles:

  1. Engage – intuitive, high-impact holographic effects, which attract and invite end users to actively engage with the holographic label, rotating and tilting it to discover hidden features: whilst verification through the scanning of the QR code on the label acts as a secondary product verification method and provides a simple platform for brands to interact and engage with their customers.
  2. Enhance – holographic authentication labels provide a means of quickly and easily verifying whether a product is genuine or not. Whilst the label needs to stand out for ease of public authentication, it must also be integrated as a brand feature to reinforce brand trust and visually complement the packaging in a way that aligns with the brand’s overall aesthetic.
    When coupled with the De La Rue Traceology digital platform, the labels create an ‘end-to-end journey that enhances the consumer’s brand experience’, says the company.
  3. Enforce – each authentication label carries a unique serial number which enables tracking throughout its lifecycle. The Traceology platform gives brand owners complete visibility and control from source to consumption. DLR Validate, meanwhile, enables field enforcement agents to quickly and easily identify whether a label is genuine or not using a mobile platform, which can verify the featured hologram’s authenticity in under 10 seconds.

Holography and evolving capability

De La Rue believes holography remains a key element of any brand protection solution due to the versatility of effects the technology offers – from vivid iridescent colours to achromatic white, 2D/3D depth effects to parallax Fresnel imagery, and multichannel kinetic animation effects to stereograms. The ability to combine these effects across both metallised holograms and high refractive index (transparent holograms) ensures the feature can be easily authenticated by the end user and extremely challenging for a counterfeiter to replicate.

Since the early 1990s De La Rue has been a leading provider and proponent of advanced classical holography and, during this time, has evolved its capabilities and processes to meet the changing needs of the market.

More recently the company expanded its origination and design capabilities with the incorporation and development of a direct-write micro-lithographic imaging platform to create bold and distinctive effects which are particularly well suited for the brand protection market.

In addition to surface relief holographic techniques and products, the company also offers its differentiated photopolymer volume holography platform (IZON®), acquired from DuPont in 2016 and which provides uniquely secure, full parallax 3D effects (see HN December 2016).

The development of PURE holograms

De La Rue undertook an extensive consumer research programme to establish which optical effects appeal most to the consumer, what grabbed their attention and encouraged them to actively engage with the holographic label – to tilt, rotate and examine, to better understand the effects.

During lockdown De La Rue completed production trials and marketing materials and launched to market PURE holographic labels. The labels were developed to have an ‘always on’ appearance, so that visibility is possible in every environment and from every angle whether tilted from east/west or north/south, with the consumer always seeing a different effect.

PURE holographic labels incorporate a range of interactive holographic effects, to thwart attempts by counterfeiters to create simulations.


De La Rue designs, originates and manufactures all holographic labels (for a range of substrates with tamper evidence options) and hot stamping foils for use in brand protection under strict protocols and security procedures – the company is ISO 14298, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accredited.

Bespoke or off-the-shelf features, effects and formats for each brand protection application are possible, whilst integration into existing supply chains and stakeholder management is also part of the company’s brand protection programme solution.


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