First Legal Tender Banknote with a KURZ THREAD

December 2021

For more than 30 years, the secure document industry, and banknotes in particular, have become familiar with holographic and other diffractive image security features transferred onto the document via KURZ’s surface applied foils. That same know-how is now being used to produce KURZ THREADS, which carry highly colourful and dynamic imagery provided by the KINEGRAM® technology.

At the beginning of November, Poland’s central bank, Narodowy Bank Polski (NBP), issued a new commemorative banknote celebrating Prof Lech Kaczyński, the former President of the Republic of Poland. The currency issued by the NBP – including collector banknotes and coins – is legal tender in Poland. The new commemorative banknote, limited to 80,000 pieces, is secured with a KURZ THREAD, a windowed-security thread with proprietary KINEGRAM COLORS® structures in a paper substrate.

KINEGRAM stripes and patches from KURZ are already in circulation on billions of banknotes around the globe and KINEGRAM COLORS is a central visual feature of the new English pound sterling banknotes.

Whilst the PERURI House Note 3.0 use of KINEGRAM with KURZ THREADS predates it, the new ‘Lech Kaczyński – It is Worth Being a Pole’ banknote is KURZ THREADS’ first reference in circulation as legal tender. The diffractive security thread on the note is vertically divided into two colours. The inscriptions ‘NBP’ and ‘20 zł’ within the security thread are demetallised and interact, like the colours, with the overall banknote design.

Thanks to the relatively wide windows in the paper substrate (4.5 mm – the typical thread widths range from 3-6 mm), the KINEGRAM® FLUX effect can display crosswise left and right movement effects. 

Close up of thread (© NBP and KURZ).

These KINEGRAM® movement effects combined with two different colours make the first KURZ THREAD in circulation in Poland easy to authenticate and communicate, but also hard to counterfeit at the same time.

Beyond the banknote reference in Poland, KURZ now offers a wide range of threads with a large palette of colour changes and movement effects, which allows the threads to be designed to complement the principal colours of each individual banknote or to match a surface-applied security feature for visual cross-reference. The fabrication techniques employed mean that the movement effects are recognisable at a distance, at multiple viewing angles and in almost any lighting condition. Visual validation of the banknote is achieved by a simple tilt of the viewer’s hand.

KURZ THREADS can also support KINEGRAM® COSMIC, which stands for ‘metallic colour shift’. This combination of thread and optical deterrent can accommodate many levels of security, including:

  • 3D images
  • microtext and nanotext
  • magnetic, IR and UV
  • taggant-based
  • covert and machine-readable features.

The security level can be raised further with partial demetallisation in customised patterns. The threads are compatible with banknote varnish and can be overprinted with offset and intaglio.

A video of KURZ THREADS with KINEGRAM® COSMIC can be found at

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