OpSec Launches ChromEx for Registration Plates

April 2020

OpSec Security has launched ChromEx™ a secure, weather-resistant, hot-stamping holographic patch foil designed for application to vehicle registration plates and for use in environments where high levels of durability and resistance to environmental conditions are required.

Vehicle registration plates (VRP), by nature of their application to the front and rear of every vehicle, are visible and exposed to everyone, including potential criminals who may wish to exploit, manipulate or counterfeit the VRP in a process referred to as ‘cloning’. Often, when a VRP has been cloned, the first time the vehicle owner/keeper will be alerted to it is when a parking ticket or speeding fine drops though the letterbox. In extreme cases, the vehicle owner/keeper can be left fighting prosecution because a driver stole their vehicle’s identity and used it to commit a criminal act.

OpSec’s solution

OpSec has developed a solution to this problem with the launch of ChromEx – a secure, durable hot-stamping holographic 23 micron patch foil that incorporates a chromium metallisation layer – which it says provides an effective, secure and cost-effective tool in the fight against criminal activity, preventing counterfeiting and allowing enforcement officers to easily authenticate genuine registration plates.

ChromEx is certified compliant to ISO 7591:1982 (the industry standard for retro-reflective registration plates) and is designed to provide optimal adhesion to common retro-reflective substrates.

Key features and benefits include:

  •   Bright, impactful designs, intuitive to authenticate yet technologically sophisticated and difficult to counterfeit;
  •   Custom designs containing a range of overt, covert and forensic security features;
  •   High levels of product durability and resistance to environmental factors eg. weathering, pollution and solvent attack;
  •   Optimal adhesive properties for application to common retro-reflective substrates eg. 3M, Nikkalite, XW and Kiwa.


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