IHMA Awards Continue to Shine in Difficult Times

November 2021

The winners of the International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA) Awards for Excellence in Holography were announced, amid a shower of virtual confetti, at the closing of The Holography Conference Online (THCO) on 18 November, with a total of six awards up for grabs.

The awards mark the pinnacle of success for those who have been involved at the forefront of developing innovative or commercially viable hologram products or techniques over the past 12 months, recognising unparalleled sector achievement during the difficult and challenging times caused by COVID.

The 2021 awards saw Krypten Research and Production Company scoop the coveted ‘Innovation in Holographic Technology’ award for its 3D-GRAM® CONTRUST Security Patch – a photopolymer holographic patch with a striking and unambiguous colour change in the images from red to green when rotated at 180°.

The technology was launched this summer on the Nobelists house note, featuring Nobel Prize winners Albert Einstein (1921 – for his discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect) and Dennis Gabor (1971 – for his invention and development of holography).

The judges were particularly impressed by the work of Krypten to create a security patch with innovative photopolymer-based security features. In particular, the ‘striking and catchy’ element with a simple and unambiguous identification, enabling the patch to be applied both on paper and polymer-based banknotes.

The judges also recognised Surys in the ‘Best Origination’ category for Gold Fish – a unique limited edition note which features the first application of Plasmogram Reverso on a window in a polymer banknote.

The feature, which is based on plasmonic sciences and nanotechnologies, offers a range of different optical effects as well as different colours when viewed from the front and reverse of the note, and in transmission.

The Gold Fish banknote has been produced by the Banknote Factory of the National Bank of Kazakhstan on SAFEGUARD polymer substrate from De La Rue and will be issued in early 2022.

The ‘Best Applied Security Product’ prize was awarded for Louisenthal’s RollingStar LEAD Mix foil stripe which features on the Azerbaijan 50 Manat note, the theme of which is education.

The foil stripe is the most pronounced of the security features in the new note. At the top, a metallic surface relief motif ‘flip’ effect created with micromirrors alternates between the denomination and manat symbol. Immediately below is colour shifting motif with micromirror animation which shows the arch of an educational institution with animated relief structures and a depth background inside the arch. And underneath this, steps in a holographic and micromirror spectrum display feature the Banks ‘AMB’ signage and the denomination number.

At the bottom of the foil is an eye-catching figure of a student walking (presumably to class) whose movements are clearly displayed when the note tilted.

Hazen Paper Company was the winner – for the second year in a row – of the Best Applied Decorative/Packaging Product’, for the 2021 Naismith memorial Basketball Hall of Fame Enshrinement Yearbook.

The yearbook features a number of holographic innovations to form a highly distinguished back and front cover design. These included the edgeless Hazen-Lens technology to generate the pulsating play of light feature in front of a ‘brilliant’ radial burst of light-reflecting holograms, providing the impression of movement as the book is opened.

The ‘Best Display or Emerging Technology Application of Holography’ was awarded to the Immersive Content Display Center, Kwangwoon University in Seoul, S. Korea for its Yuri Denisyuk full-colour CHIMERA Holographic portrait.

The portrait was created in homage to Yuri Denisyuk (1927-2006) on the 15th anniversary of his death. Denisyuk’s original red monochrome portrait was recorded in the 1990s with a ruby pulse laser. This portrait was scanned with a 4k camera, then all the perspective images were colorised with a special AI program. After the calculation of the hogels, a full colour 30×40 cm CHIMERA was printed.

In its second year as part of the awards process, the ‘People’s Choice’ vote was won by Nanotech Security Corp. of British Columbia, Canada for the use of their LiveOptik technology on the UEFA Euro 2020 football championship admission tickets – (the tournament was delayed until summer 2021 due to COVID restrictions). 

EURO 2020 ticket (© EUFA and Nanotech Security Corp).

LiveOptik controls light at nanoscale, producing an ultra-high resolution image that appears at specifically engineered viewing angles. Nanotech’s engineers employed a complex mathematical algorithm and advanced manufacturing technologies to accurately embed over two billion nano-sized holes on each of the 6 million admission tickets. Without dyes or inks, the nano-sized holes created the high-resolution image.

Dr Paul Dunn, chair of the IHMA, commended the standard of entries as extremely high and eye-catching, contributing to a ‘confident and strong’ industry that continues to evolve, innovate and secure new markets and exciting applications.

He added: ‘once again, these awards celebrate the very best in holographic achievement and the many remarkable innovations the industry introduces each year. Creativity, flair and design excellence have again shone in the 2021 entries, reflecting how our industry continues to push the boundaries forward both technically and commercially.’

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