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September 2020

The 17th HOLOEXPO, 2020

The conference sponsors read like a who’s who of Russian holographic companies, including KRYPTEN Scientific and Manufacturing Association from Dubna, HoloGrate LLC from St. Petersburg, CONTENANT Public Science and Technology Academy from Krasnogorsk, the State Institute of Applied Optics from Kazan and the Atlas Science and Technology Center, James River Branch LLC, Optical-Holographic Instruments LLC, and Alliance of Optical Systems LLC – all from Moscow.

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August 2020

KURZ Unveils Latest Solution for Automotive Spare Parts Protection

The automotive parts market is a particular target for counterfeiting. One in six products sold online is identified as a counterfeit and there are countless cheap imitations undercutting the original parts market. These ‘knock-offs’ not only damage the reputation of the brand but can ultimately put customers’ lives at risk.

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July 2020

Demax Launches FreeEdge Passport Laminate

The passport datapage is a key target for fraudsters, who seek to manipulate the information and holder’s image for criminal purposes. Popular practices include substituting the biographical datapage and altering the holder’s details and image.

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June 2020

De La Rue Expands Brand Protection Solutions

De La Rue has been creating brand protection solutions for over 30 years and has a long history in the use of secure optical technologies dating back to the earliest days of security holograms.

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May 2020

Iris Photonics to Commercialise Secure Photopolymer Technology

Iris Photonics, a UK start-up founded in 2018, has completed work on a new, fully self-contained, reflection hologram production system which is now ready for commercialisation. The system allows security printers to independently produce serialised, full-colour photopolymer reflection holograms.

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April 2020

OpSec Launches ChromEx for Registration Plates

OpSec Security has launched ChromEx™ a secure, weather-resistant, hot-stamping holographic patch foil designed for application to vehicle registration plates and for use in environments where high levels of durability and resistance to environmental conditions are required.

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March 2020

API Foils UK and API Laminates Purchased from Administrators

API Group – the UK headquartered manufacturer and distributor of foils, laminates and holographic materials that went into administration at the end of January – has had its UK business (API Foils Europe) purchased by Aldus – an Australian manufacturer of packaging and labelling equipment. API Laminates UK has been acquired by JPF API Laminates UK Ltd.

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February 2020

API Goes into Administration

API Group – the UK headquartered manufacturer and distributor of foils, laminates and holographic materials for brand enhancement – has gone into administration, whilst US sister company API Americas Inc has filed for Chapter 11 protection.

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January 2020

Full-Colour Automotive Holographic Display System

Scotland-based Ceres Holographics, a developer of thin-film Holographic Optical Elements (HOEs) for next-generation transparent display (TD) and augmented reality head-up-display (AR-HUD) solutions, recently announced its latest TD prototype system for automotive applications.

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