IQ Structures Extends Range of Interactive Features for Banknotes

Whilst travel restrictions, due to the pandemic, have prevented many face- to-face sales activities in the holography industry, many companies have continued their research programmes behind closed doors. One such company is IQ Structures, which has continued to innovate its range of eye- catching optically variable features.

Banknotes - May 13, 2022 midnight


Foil and thin film technology company KURZ has been a pioneer in the use of diffractive optical anti-counterfeit features on banknotes since its earliest developments on the French franc, the Australian dollar and the Austrian shilling.

Banknotes - February 24, 2022 midnight

Holograms on the Euro – Series 2

Following last month’s commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the launch of the euro (ES1) – this month Holography News® explores the evolution of diffractive security features as used on the 2nd series (Europa ES2).

Banknotes - February 24, 2022 midnight

20th Anniversary of the Launch of the Euro

On 1 January 2002, the first series (ES1) of euro notes became a reality for some 300 million Europeans. The lower-value denominations contained a holographic stripe while the higher value notes carried a DOVID patch.

Banknotes - January 19, 2022 midnight

Holograms: Eye-Catching, Distinctive and Secure

At the latest count a third of all banknotes contain a diffractive feature, in the form of a patch, stripe or thread, 327 to be precise. According to Frank van der Horst of the DNB in his presentation at last month's Holography Conference, the feature is the second best in public recognition terms after watermarks – which makes one wonder why the other two thirds of banknotes don’t use one!

Banknotes - December 17, 2021 midnight