A Moon Landing Launch of Nanoswitch™

On 20 July 1969, more than 500 million people worldwide watched the Moon landing, the ‘great leap for mankind’ – a technical feat that opened new horizons for humanity.

Banknotes - June 13, 2024 midnight

China Celebrates Year of the Dragon

The People’s Bank of China (PBC) has issued a 20 yuan commemorative legal tender banknote to celebrate 2024’s Lunar Year of the Long (Chinese Dragon), which began on 10 February. 100 million notes have been printed, with purchasers limited to 20 notes each.

Banknotes - February 20, 2024 midnight

Holograms on Banknotes

In this episode of the Holograms on Banknotes series, we report on the latest issues from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), East Caribbean and Tonga.

Free - January 17, 2024 midnight

Holograms on Banknotes

In this occasional series, we round up the recent new issues of banknotes containing a hologram or other optically variable device.

Free - November 21, 2023 midnight

SAFEGUARD Polymer Shine Spotlight on The Caribbean

Over the course of the past four years, four currency series in the Caribbean have converted to polymer – starting with the East Caribbean dollar in 2019, followed by Trinidad & Tobago in 2020, then Barbados in 2022 and, most recently, Jamaica this summer. With the exception of the Trinidad & Tobago series, they all feature holograms on the higher denominations.

Banknotes - October 30, 2023 midnight

Fiji Issues Lucky Dragon Note – Colour, Movement and Depth

The Reserve Bank of Fiji has released a commemorative banknote to celebrate the Chinese Lunar Year of the Dragon. The date of issue – the eighth day of the eighth month – is an auspicious one, the number 8 being the luckiest in Chinese culture, symbolising wealth and good fortune.

Free - September 18, 2023 midnight

New KINEGRAM Reference Book from KURZ

KURZ, the leading supplier of security foils with diffractive features, has produced a new reference book with a wide selection of images of banknotes that have utilised its KINEGRAM® technology.

Banknotes - September 18, 2023 midnight

Quantum Leap for Meta

In Meta Materials Inc’s recent webinar ‘Producing the World’s First Fully Plasmonic 3D Animated Banknote Security Feature’, Vice President, Technology and Innovation Clint Landrock explained the motivation behind Meta’s KolourOptik® Stripe and its toolkit of customisable authentication effects with 3D parallax (see HN May 2023).

Banknotes - September 18, 2023 midnight

A Trip Through Holographic Threads and Stripes

The recent HSP (High Security Printing™) Latin America conference in Nassau, the Bahamas gave holographic foil manufacturer Hueck Folien the perfect platform to showcase its portfolio of stripes and threads for banknotes.

Banknotes - July 26, 2023 midnight