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Singularity Hologram – the Mastering Winner

The process of holographic mastering can be a combination of art and science, which makes it interesting to explore the thinking behind the subject matter chosen by the originator.

Computer-Generated Holograms - January 26, 2023 midnight

Predictions for 2023 – a Very Personal Take on the Year Ahead

If the industry needed further evidence that holographic technology is in a strong and healthy condition, it need look no further than the range and quality of nominations for the ‘Excellence in Holography 2022 Awards’, which were presented at The Holography Conference Online in December 2022.

Free - January 26, 2023 midnight

The Metaverse as a Business Driver

Dr Alan Hodgson, a consultant in technologies for secure documents, looks at the implications of the evolution of the Metaverse from the perspective of holography and 3D displays.

Free - November 21, 2022 midnight

HoloCenter Moves to Kingston, New York – A New Era

Holography News™ has been a keen follower of the formation and progress of the HoloCenter. With news of the center’s relocation and activities, Executive Director Linda Law brings us up to date on the art’s scene in the US and beyond.

Art - November 21, 2022 midnight

Authenticating in 3D Polarisation

A team of scientists, from Heriot-Watt University and the University of Hong Kong have developed an optical metasurface to create colour-selective 3D polarisation structures.

Holographic Optical Element (HOE) - November 21, 2022 midnight

IHMA Services

In September’s edition of the IHMA patent newsletter more than 110 patents are listed, including Hungary’s ANY Security Printing Company’s disclosure of a security document with a UV-absorbing security element.

IHMA - November 21, 2022 midnight

Holograms Continue To Coin It!

Across the world, mints continue to recognise the eye-catching appeal of holograms for their commemorative coin programmes for the collectors’ market, says Dr Paul Dunn, chair of the IHMA.

Design - November 21, 2022 midnight

Pepper and Denisyuk – Side by Side

The Pepper’s Ghost optical illusion is produced by reflecting light off a semi-transparent surface and is often wrongly described as being holographic. A research group from Seoul is now redressing that mistake by using Denisyuk holography, alongside a Pepper’s ghost, to create an even more bewildering optical illusion.

Holographic Optical Element (HOE) - November 21, 2022 midnight

Excitement Growing for THC Online™ 2022

The programme is set, the nominations for awards are in, the speakers are getting ready, all that’s needed now is for more participants to get online and register for The Holography Conference™ Online (THCO), which takes place 5-6 December!

Events - November 21, 2022 midnight

Crowdsourcing to Help Kickstart Holographic Project

In this tale of creation, destruction and hope, holographic artist Ed Wesly relates the story of how his installation of holographic tiles for a festival in Chicago was commissioned, installed and then quickly vandalised… and what he’s going to do about it.

Free - October 26, 2022 midnight

Cold Foil – Hot Topic

A revolution is currently in progress which promises to change the way in which holograms and other OVDs are delivered to packaging substrates.

Technical Features - September 27, 2022 midnight

Classified Section

The holography industry creates spectacular imagery for applications in art, science and technology. To do this, the industry has developed an intricate jigsaw of equipment, know-how and people.

News - September 27, 2022 midnight

Holography – 75 Years and Going Strong

When considering the role that holography has played in the engineering, technology, art and commercial landscapes, which of the milestones in its development are worthy of celebrating?

News - September 27, 2022 midnight

News in Brief

Breit Technologies has reached an agreement with Inglese srl to distribute Breit's eco-friendly cast-and-cure films to printers and label companies throughout Italy.

News - September 27, 2022 midnight

The Queen, the King, and Holography

During her time on the throne, Queen Elizabeth II's highly recognisable features were captured in several holograms and other heightened reality imagery – but does King Charles III share the same interest in the medium?

News - September 27, 2022 midnight

Fathom Optics for Shorter Print Runs

Holographic foils and lenticular lens sheets are established methods for introducing moving colour and dynamic effects to product labelling. But what happens when the label print run is too small to justify the start up costs of these methods?

Company - September 27, 2022 midnight

IHMA Company Profile – Tin Dan

The IHMA is made up of the world’s leading hologram suppliers and manufacturers. The companies that make up the association come in all shapes and sizes and are distributed across the globe, which Holography News® reflects in this series of member profiles.

Company - September 27, 2022 midnight

IHMA Member Services

The IHMA Patent Newsletter is a monthly review of patents issued in the fields of security, decorative and data storage holography, along with holographic techniques, processes and displays.

IHMA - September 27, 2022 midnight