Smartphones for Authentication

The ‘Smartphones for Authentication’ report summarises the wide range of technologies underpinning the role of smartphones in the authentication arena, with the aim of identifying further opportunities… as well as potential drawbacks.

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September 30, 2023

Printing Beyond Colour: Commercial Innovations for Security Print

A new technology report exploring the domain of commercial printing innovations that go beyond visual colour, with the potential to generate entirely novel features for secure documents.
This 60-page report targets security printers and authentication solution providers for the currency, ID, tax stamp and brand protection sectors. It offers informative technical analyses of latest generation inks and digital printing techniques and how these could be adapted and applied to the security world.

December 17, 2021

Vaccination Certificate & Immunity Passport

Proof of Health Status White Paper Puts Emphasis on What is Feasible.
The ID and secure document industry is seeing unprecedented changes as it adapts to the shifting business environment and its response to the COVID pandemic. The raised awareness amongst governments and enterprises of the importance of ID and secure document management in the face of initiatives to link health status to identity increases the urgency for this investigation of the opportunities, and barriers, that will exist as vaccine certification and immunity passport programmes are rolled out.

May 1, 2021

A Market Analysis and Technical Update

The definitive source of data and analysis on the market worldwide for tax stamp and excise recovery programmes.
This is the only report of its kind to examine and analyse the global tax stamp and traceability market for alcohol, tobacco and other products subject to excise. It provides invaluable insight into how governments can develop effective tax revenue collection and anti-illicit trade regimes that comply with the latest international regulations through the use of tax stamp and track and trace programmes, as well as how suppliers of physical and digital tax stamp solutions can both help drive forward the market, and benefit from the growing opportunities these provide.

November 22, 2020

Physical to Digital: A Revolution in Document Security

There is a revolution underway in the secured document field, as society migrates from using physical secured documents, such as banknotes and identity cards, to the use of smartphones and electronic payment cards for financial transactions and as carriers of our identity credentials.
There is a perception that this revolution is well underway and that the transition from physical to digital is inevitable, unstoppable and irrevocable. The drivers are user convenience and provider cost savings, allied to the technical community’s belief that it can deliver a new way of doing things. Perception trumps reality for now, though, as cash is still used for most retail purchases globally and passports are still required to enter a territory. Nonetheless, this transition is inevitable, so there is a need to consider the impact and implications of this change.

June 1, 2019