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June 2024

A Moon Landing Launch  of Nanoswitch™

A Message From the Incoming Editor

Holographic Sustainable Innovations Showcase at LuxePack

New Authentication Contract for De La Rue; Sale on the Cards

Meta Materials Layoff 80% Workforce, Seeks New Capital or Buyer

Snapshot CHIMERA™ Holographic Portraits

Texas Hospital First to Use Holobox for Connecting Patients

Holographic Displays Offer a Glimpse of How We Will See the World

OVDs Shine at Global Forums

Reconnaissance Launches Reference Glossary for Anticounterfeiting Industry

Kerala Introduces Hologram for Certificate Attestation

May 2024

HoloSurge Secures Largest Grant in Recent EU History

Holography: Securing Victory in the Battle to Protect IP

Hologram Journey with Vehicle Security in India

Latest Banknote Technologies Showcased in Underwater World

Pearl Group Introduces Advanced Holographic Labels

Holograms, Blockchain Tech can Curb Counterfeit Drugs, Says Mankind Pharma

Here’s How Holopresence and Holographic Avatars are Different

Nitto Announces Strategic Investment in TruLife Optics

Reconnaissance Announces New Editor

Improved SLMs Make for Better Holographic Displays

Optical Innovation Meets Commercial Maturity – ODDS 2024

Ceres Holographics’ Multi-Display Innovation

April 2024

New Display Method Using Phone Screen Developed

Save the Date for 2024 Holography Conference

Holography Helps to Speed Up Brain-Machine Interfaces

The SIR – the Next Frontier in Security Images

KTU Develops New Technique for Labels

Security Holograms are Dead, Long Live Security Holograms!

Vintage Lasers and Holograms


March 2024

Crane to Acquire OpSec

IHMA Membership Open to All OVD Suppliers

POSTECH Develops Next-Generation Holographic Display

IQ Structures Fuses Sound and Vision

Gietz Invests in Vinfoil

IHMA Appoints New Chairman

Holograms in Healthcare

Idvac Unveils New Gold Colour Metallised Process

Wet Lens Makes Faster Holograms

Bringing the Dead Back to Light

Scientists Develop Novel Method for Controlling Light Polarisation

IHMA Targets China Expansion

AI System Detects Forged Documents with Holographic Protection

Phoenix Holographix: Combining Holography with Innovation

February 2024

  • IQ Structures Gets Some Help From AI
  • Packaging Solutions from India Point to More Sustainable Holography
  • VividQ Launches Retina Resolution Holograms
  • Filtrona Tapes Releases Supastrip Prism
  • China Celebrates Year of the Dragon
  • The Holographic Lecture Theatre
  • Irresistible 3D Projection Light Mapping in Immersive Installations
  • Holography Gives New Depth to Fingerprint Analysis
  • Holographic Innovations Shine at CES 2024
  • SIR Webinar Announced
  • Obituary - Professor Brian John Thompson
  • Unveiling the Future of Optical Document Security: ODDS 2024

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January 2024

  • Meta’s New Sustainable Brand Protection Label
  • New Members Boost IHMA Board
  • New Technology Developments Lead Hologram Growth in 2024
  • Researchers Develop 360-Degree AR Holographic Automotive Display
  • Idvac Introduces Layer-by-Layer Nano-Etching Technique for Multispectral Colours
  • ZEISS Showcases Multifunctional Smart Glass Technology
  • Holograms on Banknotes
  • Gietz Gets New Management Team
  • Then and Now – Financial Cards
  • Plasmonic Metasurfaces Produce Print and Holograms Simultaneously
  • OpSec and Investcorp Europe Acquisition Corp I Secure Investment

December 2023

  • New IHMA Security Image Register Launched
  • Excellence in Holography Awards 2023 - Winners
  • Holographic Testbed Gets Funding Boost
  • A Message from the Outgoing Editor
  • 2023 – The Year of Holography and...
  • A New Dawn of Sustainability and Innovation
  • The Crucial Role of Holography in Securing Government Identity Documents
  • PicoMaster – Innovation Gets Its Just Reward
  • Upcoming Events

November 2023

  • KURZ Tax Stamp Paper Saves Time and the Environment
  • Oberthur Demonstrates Dynamic OVD with New Security Thread
  • IQ Structures Turns National Symbols into Defence Against Counterfeiters
  • Then and Now – Holography and the Graphic Arts
  • Innovation Leads to Development – ZSST
  • Holograms on Banknotes
  • Hazen Scores Another Slam Dunk
  • Illumetry Unveils its New Holographic Display Device
  • Science and Luxury – Musion3D
  • Sudirman and Captain Kirk – But Not as We Know Them
  • Upcoming Events

October 2023

  • SAFEGUARD Polymer Shine Spotlight on The Caribbean
  • Smartphone Report Released
  • Demax Pushes e-Beam to The Maximum
  • News in Brief
  • Holograms on ID Documents – Where Next?
  • THCO to Address Security, Standards, Sustainability and Excellence in Holography
  • Improving the Performance of Holographic Displays
  • What do Audiences Really Think About Holographic Avatars?
  • Upcoming Events

September 2023

  • BOBST – Still Innovating After All These Years
  • Fiji Issues Lucky Dragon Note – Colour, Movement and Depth
  • A Primer in Holographic Marketing
  • Holograms Protect and Decorate More Coins
  • New KINEGRAM Reference Book from KURZ
  • News in Brief
  • Quantum Leap for Meta
  • Call for Papers and IHMA Awards Nominations
  • Could Holographic Police Officers Help Keep the Peace?
  • Holographic Technology Helps Find Needle in a Haystack
  • Swave’s Holography Vision Raises Additional Funding
  • TSTF 2023 – Programme Published
  • HoloCenter Moves to Kingston, NY
  • Upcoming Events

August 2023

  • NGC Introduces New Security Hologram with Unique QR Codes
  • IN Groupe Buys GSI
  • Euclideon Changes Name and Adds New Applications
  • The Making of a Mona Lisa Hologram
  • Miirage on the Horizon
  • Then and Now – Holograms on Banknotes
  • 12th Display Holography Symposium
  • When Holograms Disappoint
  • IHMA Services
  • Upcoming Events

July 2023

  • End of the Road for Schengen Visa Sticker DOVID
  • WiMi Hologram Cloud Builds Ultra-Thin Display System
  • What Can Micro-Optics Learn from Holographics?
  • Holograms Secure Number Plates in Tasmania
  • News in Brief
  • Holography Part of Costa Rica Prize Winning Passport
  • Register Now for THCO 2023
  • A Trip Through Holographic Threads and Stripes
  • Holography and Research at DMU – a New Name is Added
  • IHMA Services
  • Upcoming Events

June 2023

  • IN Groupe Acquires Portals Technology Business in Italy
  • IHMA Responds to EC Report on Brand Protectionv
  • NASPS – Build It and They Will Come
  • Then and Now – Rummaging Through the HN Archives
  • The Holographic Classroom
  • Light Sheet Holography – a New Class of Hologram
  • OVDs Help Brazil Win New Passport Award
  • Holograms Help Cyclists and Pedestrians Stay Safe
  • Progress for Light Field Labs
  • THCO 2023 – Call for Papers
  • IHMA Services
  • Upcoming Events

May 2023

  • Holograms on Japan's New Banknotes
  • OpSec Goes Public, Again
  • From Costa Rica to Meta’s Latest Plasmonic Banknote Security Features
  • Colour-Coding 3D Light-Field Sensor
  • News in Brief
  • Profile of an Independent and Growing Optical Security Company
  • Structural Colours Tell Their Own Stories
  • Reconnaissance and IHMA Secretariat See New and Familiar Faces
  • Upcoming Events

April 2023

  • Holograms for Hospitality
  • Israeli Holographic Startup Raises $5.4 Million
  • Volumetric Multiplexing – the Best Thing Since Sliced Data
  • ChatGPT – an Ode to Security Holograms
  • News in Brief
  • ODDS 2023 – It’s Not Physical or Digital, It’s Physical AND Digital
  • The IHMA: Driving 30 Years of Hologram Growth
  • Upcoming Events

March 2023

  • DOVID Recognised in Best New Banknote Award
  • IQ Mint New Holographic Coins
  • Perfect Particles Make 3D Structurally Coloured Objects
  • Investment Demonstrates Breadth of Hologram Opportunities
  • News in Brief
  • Holographic Calling Card Sent into Space
  • Holoxica Enters Liquidation
  • Holopresence Demonstration at MWC 2023
  • Rosemary ‘Posy’ Jackson – A Celebration of Her Life
  • IHMA AGM Reports Progress on Several Fronts
  • Upcoming Events

February 2023

  • Holograms to Maintain Growth in 2023
  • Holololly Launches Line of Edible Holographic Lollipops
  • Disney’s Still Curious About Holograms
  • Diffractive vs Reflective Waveguides
  • Hold The Dates for The Holography Conference Online™ 2023
  • News in Brief
  • A Chip Off the Old Block – an Interview with Shobhit and Ankit Gupta
  • ODDS Conference Hits the Phygital Nerve
  • Machine-Readable Holograms from IQ Structures
  • IHMA Services
  • Upcoming Events

January 2023

  • Singularity Hologram – the Mastering Winner
  • Centro Grafico Joins All4Labels Group
  • Predictions for 2023 – a Very Personal Take on the Year Ahead
  • ISDH and the CHIMERA™ Hologram Contest
  • News in Brief
  • 3D Zero Order Imaging – the People’s Choice
  • MIT Shows Strengths in Physical and Digital Holography
  • Holography Features at CES 2023
  • IHMA Services
  • Upcoming Events

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