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September 2022

  • Holography – 75 Years and Going Strong
  • Cold Foil – Hot Topic
  • News in Brief
  • The Queen, the King, and Holography
  • Fathom Optics for Shorter Print Runs
  • IHMA Company Profile – Tin Dan
  • Banknote Issues with Holograms
  • IHMA Member Services
  • Meta Anchor™ Connects Physical Products to Digital Experiences
  • Upcoming Events

August 2022

  • Lumenco Launches Equity Crowdfunding Campaign
  • Holography: The Michigan Medium
  • OVD Analyzer Regula 2303 – Holography Universe Explored in Detail
  • New Banknote Features Come to the Fore After Two Year Hiatus – Part 2
  • News in Brief
  • MIT Goes Back to Lippmann for Structural Colour Materials
  • Looking Into Holographic Sights
  • High Input/Output Digital Holography Microscopy
  • Upcoming Events

July 2022

  • IDEMIA’s New Addition to the LASINK™ Family
  • Hueck Folien Launches TRILUMIC® in Thread Format
  • New Optical Banknote Features Come to the Fore After Two Year Hiatus – Part 1
  • Time-Multiplexed Neural Holography
  • Regula Rethinks Border Control
  • Alice (and Maria) Through the Looking Glass
  • A Round Up of Holograms for Medicine
  • IHMA Company Profile – Shriram Veritech Solutions
  • THCO – Call for Papers and Nominations for the Excellence in Holography Awards
  • Patent of the Month

June 2022

  • Queen Misses Her Own Party – But Sends a Hologram
  • VividQ’s Latest Holographic Display for AR Headsets
  • Higher Resolution Leads to Improved Imaging Options
  • News in Brief
  • The Future of Security Holograms Looks Bright, with Scattered Showers
  • Company News
  • High Security Print Industry Recognises Importance of Holography
  • IHMA Members Hear About It First!
  • Upcoming Events

May 2022

  • IQ Structures Extends Range of Interactive Features for Banknotes
  • Veritech Adds PicoMaster 100 to Its Infrastructure
  • Holography Goes to the Movies – and Comes Back Better
  • News in Brief
  • Falling Out of Love with Holography
  • IHMA Members Hear About it First!
  • Polarization Holography – a New Field of Holographic Research
  • Structural Colour Gets Special Attention at ODDS 2022
  • Patent of the Month
  • Upcoming Events

April 2022

  • Increasing the Size of Displays with Stackable ‘Holobricks’
  • Meta Materials Continues on Acquisitions Trail
  • Cisco Explores Health Care Holograms
  • HN Launches Classified Section
  • What’s in a Name?
  • News in Brief
  • Chris Rich – at the Wavefront of Holography for 35 Years
  • ODDS 2022 – a Constant in an Industry in Transition
  • Holography of Increasing Importance to Entering the Metaverse
  • Patent of the Month
  • Upcoming Events

March 2022

  • KURZ Continues to Make Progress on Sustainability
  • Ken Harris (1946-2022) RIP
  • Research Brings Quantum Holography Closer to Reality
  • Inside the Sweet Spot of Holographic Sculptures
  • News in Brief
  • Company News
  • Developing Liquid Crystals for Colour Shifting Anti-Counterfeiting
  • Practical Holography Back to Something Resembling Normality
  • Two Quick Reads Through the History of Holography
  • Upcoming Events

February 2022

  • HIR Hits 10,000 and Upgrades
  • A Hologram for All Theories
  • Erratum
  • Holography in Medical Training
  • Company News
  • Holograms on the Euro – Series 2
  • LumaChrome Holographic Gives Two-Factor Authentication
  • Smartphone Generated Holograms are One Sensor Closer
  • HN Goes Live and Online
  • Authentication & Brand News is Born!
  • Upcoming Events

January 2022

  • 20th Anniversary of the Launch of the Euro
  • IDEMIA Unveils LASINK™ Helios
  • IHMA Predicts Continued Growth for Holography in 2022: Despite Threats
  • News in Brief
  • Emerging Holographic Displays and Their Impact on Storage Demand
  • Will Every 3D Image Always be Called a Hologram?
  • New Report Ventures into Printing Beyond Colour for Security Features
  • New Technique Reveals How Butterfly Wings Grow into Natural Diffraction Gratings
  • Ceres Opens New Facility
  • Upcoming Events

December 2021

  • First Legal Tender Banknote with a KURZ THREAD
  • Efficient Dual Page Reproduction in Holographic Data Storage
  • A Year in Headlines – 2021
  • An Interview with Prof David Brotherton-Ratcliffe – LaserCraft, Geola and Much More
  • Holograms: Eye-Catching, Distinctive and Secure
  • Avalon Holographics Creates Sonar Display for Hunting Submarines
  • Optical & Digital Document Security Conference – Rescheduled
  • Upcoming Events

November 2021

  • IHMA Awards Continue to Shine in Difficult Times
  • Telescope Holographic Lens
  • Light Field Lab Ship Date for SolidLight Displays
  • News In Brief
  • The Holography Conference 2021 – Trend for Government Attendance Continues
  • Portals Completes Acquisition of Fedrigoni Security
  • HOLOEXPO 2021
  • Upcoming Events

October 2021

  • Holographic Nanostructure Research is a Phenomenal Success
  • New Costa Rica ¢10,000 with KINEGRAM REVIEW®
  • VividQ Teams up with iView to Bring Holography to Consumers
  • Dr Sergey Borisovich Odinokov – a Great Scientist, Organiser and Teacher
  • News in Brief
  • A History of Holographic Packaging Through the Words of John Hazen
  • KURZ Digital PreVisualisation Nominated for IACA Award
  • A Technical Review of Common-Path Off-Axis Digital Holography
  • Excitement Growing for Holography Conference
  • Upcoming Events

September 2021

  • Haptic Holograms Add Light Touch
  • Hazen Uses Holograms to Honour Hoops
  • Intriguing Portrait Sighting on New 10,000 Yen Bill
  • Krypten Plans Production and Technical Expansion
  • News in Brief
  • Holograms and Architecture
  • Holograms Are Part of the Way Forward for Personal Transportation
  • Larry Lieberman (19502021) – a Tribute
  • Upcoming Events

August 2021

  • KURZ Group Acquires tesa scribos
  • IHMA Shows How to Combat Counterfeit Cannabis
  • Krypten Plans Release of House Notes with 3D-GRAM® CONTRUST
  • Fred Unterseher – Tribute to a Pioneering Holographer
  • News in Brief
  • A Half Century of Service – an Interview with Brad Hilbert
  • Transmission Hologram Improves Telescope’s Spectrum Resolution
  • RealView Imaging Receives FDA Clearance for HOLOSCOPE™ Holographic System
  • THCO 2021 – Registration is Now Open!
  • Call for Papers for Practical Holography at Photonics West is Open
  • Events

July 2021

  • Steve McGrew – Jack of Many Trades and a Master of One
  • IHMA Patent Newsletter 2 Combining Optical Technologies for Greater Banknote Protection
  • News in Brief
  • The Enduring Case for True Colour Holography
  • Latest Holographic Solutions from OpSec 5 Self-Driving Cars Fuel Interest in Pulse LiDAR
  • Entries Open for 2021 Holography Awards
  • Holograms Increase Solar Energy Yield
  • Holography Conference Online™ – Call for Papers
  • VividQ Turn Normal Screens into Holographic Displays

June 2021

  • Tribute: U K Gupta
  • A History of Holography
  • Colour Holography at DMU and OpTIC
  • World First for ‘Holographic’ Meeting Rooms
  • Standing the Test of Time
  • DreamVu Recognised for Petal Lens 3D Vision Innovation
  • UCLA Continuing Research in Holographic Imaging
  • A Guide to Assuring the Integrity of Secure Documents
  • Guiding Light is Big Business

May 2021

  • Commercial Holography at virtual.drupa
  • IHMA Refines Glossary of Holograms
  • Normal Service Resumed
  • An Eye on the Past with a Foot in the Future
  • News in Brief
  • Diffractive Elements Guide Consumer Augmented Reality
  • Holographic Gas Sensors Alert Presence of Toxic Gases
  • Secret Sharing with Metasurface Holography
  • Holograms Show Their True Colours
  • Holographic Display Adds Another Dimension to Doom
  • The PicoMaster-H – a New Generation of Direct Write Systems
  • Events

April 2021

  • Tensor Holography – 3D Imagery on a Smartphone
  • Is Medical Holography a Market, or a Group of Applications?
  • Apple’s Patent Interest in Holography
  • News in Brief
  • New Photochromic Materials Could Have Applications in Holography
  • Writing in 3D
  • A Review of SPIE Practical Holography XXXV: Displays, Materials and Applications
  • Diffracting and Reflecting Light – A Potent Combination for Protecting Banknotes
  • Holograms Help to Study Plankton and Ecology
  • Events

March 2021

  • Holograms Good Enough to Eat
  • NFCHOLO™ Technology to Protect ID Documents
  • Microsoft's New Mesh Platform Turns Colleagues into Holograms
  • News in Brief
  • The Virtual Museum of Holography – an Interview with Linda Law
  • VividQ Publishes Holographic Augmented Reality White Paper
  • New Desktop Hologram Printer from Liti Holographics
  • IQ Structures Help Get Holographic Designs onto the Page
  • AuthentiBrand Takes on Cannabis Counterfeits
  • Events

February 2021

  • Demax Unveils E-LIDOGRAM PC Inlay
  • IHMA Recommends Holograms to Protect Against False Results
  • MuseumEye Mixes Holograms with Reality to Bring History to Life
  • Holograms Help Protect Proof-of-Vaccination Card
  • News in Brief
  • New Applications for 3D ‘Holograms’
  • New Directory for the ID Industry
  • Improved Holographic Displays Could Enhance Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • KRYPTEN Releases Updated eCatalog App
  • Hole Hologram Improves Ultrasound Imaging

Free Issue

January 2021

  • When it Comes to Science, South Korea Reaps What it Sows
  • IHMA Highlights Role of Holograms in Battle Against ID Fraud
  • New Anticounterfeiting and Diversion Service Combines QR Codes with Holograms
  • News in Brief
  • Holograms that Make Smartphones Smarter
  • IHMA Website Gets Makeover
  • Managing Holography Errors in Asphere Metrology 
  • Smartphones Make Smarter Holograms
  • WiMi Hologram Cloud in the News
  • META Gets Better with Tunable Laser

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