BOBST – Still Innovating After All These Years

Ever since surface relief replication became the preferred means of mass production for holography, hot-stamping foil has been a principal method of application – particularly for packaging and secure documents. The machines used to apply holograms at speed and in register are an integral part of the job’s final appearance. Swiss machinery manufacturer, BOBST, has been involved in providing hot-stamp presses to the holography industry for many years, and continues to innovate to this day.

Company - September 18, 2023 midnight

HoloCenter Moves to Kingston, NY

Following up on the announcement at the end of last year (see HN November 2022) of the plan to relocate the HoloCenter to the Hudson Valley, we can now report that the HoloCenter is reopening in Kingston, NY, under the guidance of Executive Director, Linda Law.

Company - September 18, 2023 midnight

When Holograms Disappoint

It used to be that poor lighting was the major cause of disappointment when it came to viewing holograms. But as the definition of holography has been stretched to include heightened reality displays, so have the number of reasons to be disappointed.

Heightened Reality - August 11, 2023 midnight

IN Groupe Buys GSI

IN Groupe, owners of the optical features specialist SURYS, has agreed to buy 100% of the shares of Gleitsmann Security Inks from hubergroup Deutschland for an undisclosed consideration in cash.

Company - August 11, 2023 midnight

Euclideon Changes Name and Adds New Applications

A few years ago, Australia based Euclideon Holographics made the news with the production of its multi-user hologram table, which allowed four people to interact simultaneously with images apparently projected onto a table surface (see HN September 2021). Since then the company has changed its name (to Axiom Holographics) and added new applications to its product offerings.

Company - August 11, 2023 midnight

OVDs Help Brazil Win New Passport Award

In this, the first major redesign of the country’s travel document for over two decades, the Casa da Moeda do Brasil used holograms and optically variable inks (OVIs) to help secure the document – and a prestigious international award.

Passports - June 26, 2023 midnight

IN Groupe Acquires Portals Technology Business in Italy

IN Groupe, global specialist in identities and digital services and owner of SURYS, has announced that it has signed an agreement with UK-based Portals for the sale of papermaker Portals’ security components business in Bollate, Italy.

Company - June 26, 2023 midnight

Progress for Light Field Labs

In December 2021, Holography News® reported that Silicon Valley startup company, Light Field Lab, was accepting advanced orders for its holographic display platform, dubbed SolidLight. Now that SolidLight is in production. we can follow up on the progress the company has made.

Company - June 26, 2023 midnight

NASPS – Build It and They Will Come

The African Currency Forum (ACF), held in Luxor, Egypt in January, gave the host country a chance to showcase its new Printing House and Cash Centre, and the National Company for Advanced Industries and Integrated Strategic Printing Solutions (NASPS). NASPS has already set up full service holographic production facilities, which has to be said went largely unseen and unreported by Holography News® – so we decided to investigate a bit further and find out more.

Company - June 26, 2023 midnight