POSTECH Develops Next-Generation Holographic Display

A team of researchers at Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH) in South Korea, led by Prof Junsuk Rho and PhD candidate Joohoon Kim, have announced a major breakthrough in the development of angle-dependent holographic displays that could redefine human interaction with digital information. The technology allows holograms to display multiple images based on the observer’s viewing angle.

Displays - March 28, 2024 midnight

Science and Luxury – Musion3D

The Royal Institution in London is considered to be one of the oldest scientific societies in the world. Over the last two centuries, the building and labs have been home to ground-breaking science engagement, including the world-famous Christmas Lectures1. But for two days at the end of October it housed a demonstration of Musion3D’s heightened reality display – often referred to as holopresence.

Displays - November 21, 2023 midnight

Illumetry Unveils its New Holographic Display Device

Even as research into improving the performance of holographic displays continues, display hardware company Illumetry, has recently unveiled its ‘Illumetry EOS’ device – the company’s newest product in its line- up of holographic displays built on its ‘MotionParallax3D’ principle.

Displays - November 21, 2023 midnight

Improving the Performance of Holographic Displays

Holographic displays project 3D images that appear to float in space, without needing special glasses to view. This makes them useful for applications like education, entertainment, and medicine, but current holographic displays suffer from limitations in viewing angle, image sharpness and depth of field.

Free - October 30, 2023 midnight

The Making of a Mona Lisa Hologram

Leonardo da Vinci’s portrait of the Mona Lisa is one of the most readily recognisable works in western art. A group of research institutes have now collaborated to develop an acoustic metasurface-based holography technique that uses a deep learning algorithm to generate and iteratively improve a hologram of the portrait.

Displays - August 11, 2023 midnight

WiMi Hologram Cloud Builds Ultra-Thin Display System

Holographic displays allow the projection of apparently 3D images in space without the need for special eyewear. They can use a variety of optical methods to create the illusion of solidity and depth, allowing viewers to perceive objects or scenes as if they were real and existing in the physical space before them.

Displays - July 26, 2023 midnight

Disney’s Still Curious About Holograms

It shouldn’t come as any surprise to anyone who has seen Disney movies or visited any of their theme parks that the corporation takes holograms – both physical and digital – very seriously. The love affair between Disney and holograms goes back more than 40 years and shows no sign of breaking up.

Company - February 22, 2023 midnight