The Future of Security Holograms Looks Bright, with Scattered Showers

For a technology that has seen its own fair share of change since its commercial inception in the 1980s, holography has established itself as a vital part of several industry sectors; most prominently in security print, brand protection, testing and monitoring, head-up displays and most recently as an enabler of virtual and augmented realities.

Events - June 29, 2022 midnight

Structural Colour Gets Special Attention at ODDS 2022

The phenomena of structural colour – when different wavelengths of light are selectively reflected from a substance, with the remaining wavelengths transmitted or absorbed – is gaining increased attention in the security print industry as an environmentally benign method of creating colour without resorting to dyes or other chemicals.

Technical Features - May 13, 2022 midnight

ODDS 2022 – a Constant in an Industry in Transition

Experts, government representatives, technologists and commentators gathered in Austria’s stunning capital city of Vienna (11-13 April) to share recent technical developments in the fields of optical and digital document security.

Events - April 25, 2022 midnight

Practical Holography Back to Something Resembling Normality

The Practical Holography conference is part of the SPIE Photonics West event in San Francisco. It is an international event in the field of holographic applications and recording materials. The conference provides a venue for all aspects of holography.

Events - March 22, 2022 midnight

HOLOEXPO 2021 – One Chapter Ends as Another One Starts

This year’s XVIII International Conference HOLOEXPO 2021 on Holography and Applied Optical Technologies was held on 20–23 September at the Primorye Hotel, Gelendzhik, Russia. The conference was dedicated to the life and achievements of Sergei Borisovich Odinokov — the conference’s founder and chairman for many years who passed away early in September.

Events - November 25, 2021 midnight

The Holography Conference 2021 – Trend for Government Attendance Continues

The Holography Conference Online (THCO) in 2020 saw an increase in participation from government officials involved in specifying security features for banknotes, ID cards, driving licences and other documents of value. The trend continued at this year’s event, which took place 17-18 November, with half of all 120 participants coming from central banks and government agencies.

Events - November 25, 2021 midnight

IHMA Awards Continue to Shine in Difficult Times

The winners of the International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA) Awards for Excellence in Holography were announced, amid a shower of virtual confetti, at the closing of The Holography Conference Online (THCO) on 18 November, with a total of six awards up for grabs.

Events - November 25, 2021 midnight