Banknote Issues with Holograms

There are four items to report in this round up of recent banknote issues using holographic, or other diffractive optically variable, features.

Free - September 27, 2022 midnight

Looking Into Holographic Sights

A little known, but curious, use of a hologram’s ability to reconstruct an image as if it were ‘floating’ in space, is for holographic rifle sights. So how does this relatively new type of aiming system work and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Free - August 23, 2022 midnight

Time-Multiplexed Neural Holography

A technology talk given by a team of researchers from Stanford Computational Imaging Lab at SIGGRAPH 2022 reports on potential improvements to near-eye holographic displays.

Free - July 19, 2022 midnight

Company News

Australian company Caps & Closures, which designs and manufactures plastic packaging, has launched the ID-Shield holographic labelling and decoration system. According to Caps & Closures, the labelling solution is fully integrated into the packaging as it is manufactured, with no added materials, adhesives, inks or printing processes.

Free - June 29, 2022 midnight

IHMA Members Hear About It First!

Tracking down and responding to tenders is the life blood of sales departments in companies of all sizes. Getting hold of tender documents as quickly as possible after their publication can often be the difference between putting together a winning proposal and regretting you didn’t get the tender documents a few days earlier.

Free - May 13, 2022 midnight

HN Launches Classified Section

The holography industry creates spectacular imagery for applications in art, science and technology. To do this, the industry has developed an intricate jigsaw of equipment, know-how and people.

Free - April 25, 2022 midnight

Two Quick Reads Through the History of Holography

Anyone looking for a whistle stop literary tour of the milestones that map out the history of holography are fortunate, as two articles have appeared this month that chart the course of the technology – from before Gabor’s invention to future applications in the Metaverse.

Free - March 22, 2022 midnight

HIR Hits 10,000 and Upgrades

Established in 1993, the HIR was one of the first projects undertaken by the IHMA and has been referred to as the association’s ‘Crown Jewels’. The number of registrations on the register has now passed the incredible figure of 10,000.

Free - February 24, 2022 midnight

Will Every 3D Image Always Be Called a Hologram?

A topic that continuously grates on some within the holography community is the corruption of the term ‘hologram’ to apply to any display or image that heightens the sense of solidity or depth. For that group of holographers, there is some guidance and perhaps reassurance from a new research paper from the Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics, China.

Free - January 19, 2022 midnight

A Year in Headlines – 2021

If, like me, you remember the start of 2021 as a time of reserved optimism in thinking that the year ahead couldn’t possibly be as bad as the year just passed, well you and I were only partially correct. 2021 proved to be as unpredictable in terms of mutations and variations of COVID as 2020. But as the following year in headlines show, the holography industry has proven to be incredibly resilient in the face of economic and societal turbulence.

Free - December 17, 2021 midnight