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Authenticating in 3D Polarisation

A team of scientists, from Heriot-Watt University and the University of Hong Kong have developed an optical metasurface to create colour-selective 3D polarisation structures.

Holographic Optical Element (HOE) - November 21, 2022 midnight

Pepper and Denisyuk – Side by Side

The Pepper’s Ghost optical illusion is produced by reflecting light off a semi-transparent surface and is often wrongly described as being holographic. A research group from Seoul is now redressing that mistake by using Denisyuk holography, alongside a Pepper’s ghost, to create an even more bewildering optical illusion.

Holographic Optical Element (HOE) - November 21, 2022 midnight

Holography of Increasing Importance to Entering the Metaverse

Previously, Holography News® has reported on the differing approaches that companies are following to manufacture wearable virtual reality and augmented reality headsets as entry devices to access the Metaverse – the network creating a virtual 3D world.

Holographic Optical Element (HOE) - April 25, 2022 midnight

Ceres Opens New Facility and Strengthens Partnership

At the opening of its new digital mastering and replication facility, Ceres Holographics and Covestro confirmed that the two companies have deepened their collaboration around Ceres’ HoloFlekt® films for automotive display solutions.

Holographic Optical Element (HOE) - January 19, 2022 midnight