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De La Rue has announced that its Authentication division is on track to exceed £100 million in revenue for fiscal year 2024, demonstrating good growth versus 2023 results, and making it the fastest growing division in the company.

News - October 30, 2023 midnight

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Krriyan Kontainers, previously known as Darshan Flexibles, is expanding its operations into holographic solutions for the packaging industry in India.

News - September 18, 2023 midnight

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A rare Pokémon holographic card, that could sell for thousands of dollars, will be open for bids this month at Hansons Auctioneers (UK). The holographic Charizard trading card will be part of a collection up for auction in the auction house's specialist toy and trading cards event in July.

News - July 26, 2023 midnight

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After its use as a means of holoporting actors, singers and sports people to remote venues, the Proto Epic is now being trialled to deliver witness testimonies.

News - May 26, 2023 midnight

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Holopresence video calls are becoming a vital lynchpin in the growing remote work environment. To develop this business tool even further, Google has been working on Project Starline, a line of video call booths that presents the participants as realistic 3D holograms.

News - May 2, 2023 midnight

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1 February, 2023 was a special day and a milestone in the history of LEONHARD KURZ – a pioneer in the mass commercialisation of holography for both security and decorative applications.

News - February 22, 2023 midnight

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The holography industry creates spectacular imagery for applications in art, science and technology. To do this, the industry has developed an intricate jigsaw of equipment, know-how and people.

News - September 27, 2022 midnight