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IDEMIA’s New Addition to the LASINK™ Family

In January of this year, Holography News® reported on the launch of LASINK™ Helios from secure identity services company IDEMIA. The company has now added LASINK™ 3D to the family of technologies aimed at protecting the portrait on an ID document from fraud.

Secure Documents - July 19, 2022 midnight

Regula Rethinks Border Control

The almost unlimited access to high-quality printing services, as well as to sophisticated graphics software, has increased the quality of document forgery in recent years to the point where it is becoming more difficult for border control officers to tell the difference between real and fake secure documents.

Secure Documents - July 19, 2022 midnight

The Future of Security Holograms Looks Bright, with Scattered Showers

For a technology that has seen its own fair share of change since its commercial inception in the 1980s, holography has established itself as a vital part of several industry sectors; most prominently in security print, brand protection, testing and monitoring, head-up displays and most recently as an enabler of virtual and augmented realities.

Events - June 29, 2022 midnight