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OVDs Shine at Global Forums

Optical technologies, including holograms, continue to garner global accolades of , recently winning several awards at different events. From high-security applications to packaging, the technology is once again demonstrating its diverse range and colour in securing the world’s best brands, documents and banknotes.

Free - June 13, 2024 midnight

Snapshot CHIMERA™ Holographic Portraits

For 60 years, high-energy pulsed lasers have made it possible to create incredibly lifelike portraits of living individuals in just a few nanoseconds. The original transmission master hologram (H1) was then replicated to produce a second reflection hologram (H2) at a 1:1 scale, offering limited full parallax and visible with white light.

Technical Features - June 13, 2024 midnight

Holographic Sustainable Innovations Showcase at LuxePack

Market experts say the demand for sustainable solutions in the US is growing because of regulatory pressures and brands looking to reduce packaging weight while keeping the product secure and aesthetically appealing. Experts see high demand for cold foil in the US market, as the technology enables them to be competitive and deliver good results regarding metallised décor.

Technical Features - June 13, 2024 midnight

Improved SLMs Make for Better Holographic Displays

Spatial Light Modulators (SLMs), devices that convert electrical signals into modulated light, enable a range of applications in optical imaging, information processing and communications. Now, improvements in the technology are leading a company based in Leuven, Belgium to new applications in holography.

Technical Features - May 21, 2024 midnight

Hologram Journey with Vehicle Security in India

The Karnataka State Transport Department will enforce hologram- based high-security registration plates (HSRPs) on over 14 million vehicles, starting 1 June 2024, after missing two initial deadlines.

Technical Features - May 21, 2024 midnight

Vintage Lasers and Holograms

From 1 May to 30 June, visitors to the ‘Vintage Lasers and Holograms’ exhibition in Tempe, Arizona will have the opportunity to delve into the evolution of lasers, and the role they played in the academic and commercial evolution of holography.

Technical Features - April 25, 2024 midnight