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Smartphone Report Released

Reconnaissance International is pleased to announce the release of its new one-of-a kind publication – ‘Smartphones for Authentication’

Special Reports - October 30, 2023 midnight

Holographic Calling Card Sent into Space

Holographic textiles are often used in fashion and design to add a futuristic and eye-catching element to clothing, but an article in The Cornell Chronicle (produced by Cornell University in Ithaca, New York) explains how holographic effects are being used to dress a satellite.

Technical Features - March 24, 2023 midnight

Will Every 3D Image Always Be Called a Hologram?

A topic that continuously grates on some within the holography community is the corruption of the term ‘hologram’ to apply to any display or image that heightens the sense of solidity or depth. For that group of holographers, there is some guidance and perhaps reassurance from a new research paper from the Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics, China.

Free - January 19, 2022 midnight

New Report Ventures into Printing Beyond Colour for Security Features

Many technologies and features with their roots in commercial printing have made, and continue to make, a substantial contribution to secure document production. However, these technologies have for the most part been concerned with producing visual colours, perceived by the unaided eye as conventional colour printing.

Special Reports - January 19, 2022 midnight