IHMA Members Hear About It First!

Tracking down and responding to tenders is the life blood of sales departments in companies of all sizes. Getting hold of tender documents as quickly as possible after their publication can often be the difference between putting together a winning proposal and regretting you didn’t get the tender documents a few days earlier.

The mission of the International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA) is to advance the understanding, use and development of holograms and holographic technology, particularly in the authentication of products and documents, decoration and illustration, displays and display systems, energy and environmental improvements.

The IHMA is made up of the world’s leading hologram suppliers and manufacturers and as a benefit of membership they receive a range of services. One of these, the tender alert service, which sends email notifications directly to the inbox of members, is proving to be a valuable addition to the services laid on by the association.

The notification gives a description of the goods or services to be supplied, the deadline for submission and the outline details of the buyer – enough information to make a quick value judgement as to whether this an opportunity worth chasing. A link on the notification takes you to the Member’s Area of the IHMA website where you can learn more about the tender using the unique code that identifies each procurement.

Full details about the Request for Proposal (RFP) are listed in an easy- to-read format, including full contact details, bidding type, project location, tender notice number and, where available, the estimated contract value. The contract notice itself is included in short form in the listing with a link to the original tender document.

The tender alert notification service is designed to give timely and targeted information that allows you to filter out the projects that are out of scope for your organisation so that you can concentrate on those that give you the best chance of winning that all important contract!

To find out more about this and other benefits of membership of the IHMA visit https://ihma.org/about-us/#join-us.