Augmented Reality





The Metaverse as a Business Driver

Dr Alan Hodgson, a consultant in technologies for secure documents, looks at the implications of the evolution of the Metaverse from the perspective of holography and 3D displays.

Free - November 21, 2022 midnight

What’s in a Name?

The use of the term ‘holography’ to describe phenomena other than wavefront reconstruction is now well established in the media. Often, the purpose of using the term is to convey a sense of futuristic heightened reality, which can be frustrating to holography purists but could also be seen as praise if you believe the idiom ‘imitation is the sincerest form of flattery’.

Heightened Reality - April 25, 2022 midnight

Two Quick Reads Through the History of Holography

Anyone looking for a whistle stop literary tour of the milestones that map out the history of holography are fortunate, as two articles have appeared this month that chart the course of the technology – from before Gabor’s invention to future applications in the Metaverse.

Free - March 22, 2022 midnight